Select the "Load Board' button below to enter the dispatch load board. These loads are being dispatched. There are dedicated runs on the load board. Please be sure to scroll to the right on the load board to see the details, and if a load is dedicated it will say "dedicated" in the notes.

If you would like to use our "One Time Dispatch'' feature, our fee is 5%. Simply find the load on the load board you are interested in, and retrieve the load ID number. Fill out the booking form and upload your carrier documents. We will book the load for you. Once booked, we will email you and invoice for 5% of the load. Once the invoice is paid, we will send you the rate con.

The loads below are broker loads. If they are on the board, they are still available. To book any of the broker loads, please use the buttons below to fill out the set up packet, and upload your documents. You can also call Brian at 540-448-3367