Apps and Tools

MB Logistic Solutions uses many apps and tools to save time and ultimately make us more efficient. Some of our favorite apps offer free trials and discounts if you contact the company. These apps have made such an impact on our daily processes, that we decided to find the best free trials and discounts, and offer them to partners and friends in the industry. Our favorites are listed below along with a link for a free trial and most have a discount offer as well.


Shift is an app that allows you to use all of your apps in one place. If you find yourself constantly going from page to page, this app will really save you some time. Shift connects to hundreds of apps. If you would like a free trial and a discount on the app price, click the Shift logo to the left.


Close is a CRM app that connects to your existing email address. Close enhances your email by providing data on send and received emails. Close will tell you who opened your email and when they opened it. That app collects data from your received emails as well. You can create templates store contacts. If more data would help your email campaigns, then you should give Close a try

Help Scout - gives you, the affordability, flexibility, and power you need to scale. It gives you the simplicity to start right away, the power to grow, and the human-centered approach to delight your customers. This app really helps give your customers great service