Dedicated 53ft Dry Van lanes available now. These lanes require trailers to be staged at the shipper 24 hours before pick up. Trailers will also need to be staged at the receiver for 24 hours or until unload is complete. We recommend you use a drop trailer, but it is not mandatory. We have dry van trailers for rent for $500 per month. Please check the spreadsheet below to see the available lanes. To reserve the lane that bests suits you, press the "Book Now" button below. If your lane is already covered, we will let you know immediately.

Since these lanes are dedicated one way lanes, we do offer a dispatch service for the backhaul. The dispatch service is optional, but if dispatch is requested the fee is 5% of the gross rate. If you choose not to be dispatched you will receive payments by 2 day quick pay at 2% or free 30 day ACH. 90 days authority is required.

If you are a dispatcher, you can only sign up carriers you currently work with. We will need to speak to your carrier before a rate con can be issued.