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MB Logistic Solutions is excited to help you with all of your freight needs. Whether you need a quote for one small pallet, to a rate for a logistics project involving several full truckloads, we are equipped to quickly provide you with an honest and fair offer. Please contact us using the icons below to select the contact method that works best for you. We look forward to working with you.


MB Logistic Solutions is a logistics company and a brokerage. We specialize in brokering freight and dispatching. Our teams are knowledgeable on all equipment and experienced in route planning. The dispatch department has close to unlimited access to all freight lanes. We can offer access to dedicated lanes, port loads, team loads, oversized loads, government contracts, and special equipment runs. For all of your logistic needs, you need a team that can instantly make a difference. No matter what your goals are, we will not only exceed them, we will provide options beyond what you thought was possible.

Equipment We Specialize In

MB Logistic Solutions has partnered with Cashfreight to present the most versatile load board available. Cashfreight will be open to the public very soon, but you can get a sneak peak below!

Freight Boss is a training platform for future dispatchers. Start learning today! (540) 448-3367 ~ MC # 1296654